To properly set your expectation, 7-Eleven is a payment channel and we have partnered with ECPay for the processing of payments.  If it has been more than 24- hours since your transaction, we strongly suggest that you directly get in touch with ECPay. Kindly prepare the receipt number and 7-Connect reference number for faster verification. 

Below are their contact details:

Landline: (02)7616-5851, (02)7622-0260
For SMART subscribers: 0939-9171601; 0918-2755555; 0919-08-ECPAY (0919-08-32729)
For GLOBE subscribers: 0917-87-ECPAY (0917-87-32729); 0917-5182982; 0967-2847000
For SUN subscribers: 0932-8626228; 0923-0889690